I’m a composer and producer of music for media. I also record and mix music for bands and solo artists.

I got hooked on songwriting early. I started playing piano when I was super young, and have always been attracted to synthesizers.
I taught myself to play the electric guitar, in a rock'n'roll kinda way, but I only discovered my true passion when I started to record and play bass. I went to an amazing school (Ecole Supérieur de Réalisation Audiovisuelle, in France) where I learned how to record music professionally. From that I discovered that what I was going after wasn't only recording - much as I love it - but producing music. Since then, I’ve been learning as many instruments as possible. My philosophy is simple - you can’t ever have too many strings to your bow, and we should never stop learning. France can be a bit conservative when it comes to music production but I still managed to learn enough to realize that I needed more.

So I headed to New York City (as you do) to upgrade my skills. Producing music in New York, for myself and other bands, has changed me forever. By day I was learning from the very best, (my teachers were involved in projects like CSI and Lord of the Rings), and by night I was working with roaring metal bands. I’ve always been comfortable with any kind of music. From classical piano to avant-garde synth. From modern Pro Tools heavy edited style to analog-like approach to human performance. Blending genres is my go-to workflow. I am ethical and professional at all times, whether I'm working with a hundred tracks of virtual sequences or a 4 track cassette recording.

Alongside my recording work, I’ve done short movie scoring and sound design, some in France but most of it in NYC. Working in the Big Apple meant a gigantic leap in my skills and confidence and my interest switched to the world of post production. A bunch of scoring and video-editing jobs later, I felt it was time to step up and achieve the goal I’ve been chasing since day one -  composing, writing music and putting the soul into media. So I moved to Montreal where, again, I was lucky enough to learn from the best in UQAM (Université du Québec À Montréal), on their amazing program "DESS en musique de film". For those of you who don’t speak French, that translates as "awesomely cool training for music to visuals". Well, not exactly but you get the idea.

Right now I’m writing music for media, and producing for various artists and bands and, of course, myself. My style has been described as "very alive" and "organic". I like the organic – that’s what I really care about. I believe personality is the key to any successful creation. If you share that belief, you don’t want your material looking or sounding like anything else that’s out there. I have the experience and expertise to help you produce something truly unique. I look forward to working with you.